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What is the Monster?

LOCKE: What is the Monster?

BEN: What?

LOCKE: The black smoke, the Monster, what is it?

BEN: I don't know.

from Episode 2, Confirmed Dead

  The monster has been a mystery since LOST began. Recently, in an interview with Jorge Garcia on AOL Television, he mentions something about an upcoming episode involving the smoke monster: ... but something happens, that's coming up, that involves that thing, and it's just... it's pretty crazy.

  Could he have been talking about last night's episode (The Shape of Things to Come)?

  Episode 9 leaves us with many many things to think about and the nature of the monster is just one of them. Can we think of the Smoke Monster as a piece of a very complicated game? When Alex is captured, Ben plays a mind game with her captor. He refers to Alex as a pawn (bluffing - playing Poker now rather than Chess) The mind game fails and Ben appears to be in shock. He changed the rules? mutters Ben.

   Rules? We saw what the Smoke Monster did to the crewman from the freighter. Was he a pawn? Is the Smoke Monster a rook? Controlling the center of the board is important in the game of Chess. When Ben confronts Widmore, we begin to understand that control of the island may be the object of the game in LOST. Allgames, the webmaster of lostisagame.com has a lot to say about the nature of LOST. Is LOST really a game? Certainly, there are a great many game references in the show.

What is the monster?


Watch out!